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Underfloor Heating vs Radiator heating


Underfloor heating 


Are you considering underfloor heating in your next project?

Underfloor heating tends to be the more popular choice for new builds, especially with polished concrete floors.

Although it's another item to add to the list, heating is an integral part of a modern home.

As with most products, you'll be wanting something that you can rely on now, and for many years and with very little maintenance.

Cue Underfloor heating.

We supply and install market leading systems that will work seamlessly with all major floors & construction methods

Just send us your plans and we'll do the rest - from design to installation.


                                                                The benefits of underfloor heating

  • Lower water temperatures required for underfloor heating means better energy efficiency with lower heating bills.

  • More even room temperature - ensures all round comfortable warmth.

  • Silent running – no expansion creaking or water flow noise.

  • Unhindered room layout

  • Healthier environment – because less dust is circulating in the air

  • Decreased irritants – as the warm floor inhibits the breeding of dust mites and fungi

  • Greater safety – because there are no exposed hot surfaces



What is radiator central heating?

A boiler running on natural gas, diesel or lpg heats water; this then circulates through a network of pipes to a series of radiator panels. The hot water heats these radiator panels before returning to the boiler to be reheated and re-circulated. The radiators heat quickly to provide radiated and convected heat. This results in a clean, silent, draught free (unlike a heat pump)and very comfortable form of whole house heating.  

A fully programmable thermostatically controlled Radiator Central Heating system gives you the flexibility to heat the whole house, or heat different rooms, to different temperatures, at different times of the day.

Radiator central heating is an ideal heating solution for retro fitting to most New Zealand homes due to the fact most houses are made of timber and raised off the ground enabling pipework to be run under the floor and in the framework of walls.
















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